We offer different shipping methods to cater to all items being imported from all over the world.

Containerised Shipping

  • Full Container Loads (FCL)
  • Less than container loads (LCL)
  • Container boat shipping IS RECOMMENDED for boats that are 19ft or less. Fuel, oil, water are drained, tops, windshields are removed if needed, batteries disconnected.
  • Boat is then cleaned, fumigated and Shrink Wrapped, we then commence Fabrication of a steel shipping cradle that is fitted to match your boat specifications, your boat is then loaded onto the cradle and into the container safe and secure ready to board ship.

Shipping one or more boats inside a shipping container is also an option, as you can opt for a 40ft HC Container and our trained people with many years of experience and proven packing and loading methods, shipping multiple boats is now safer than ever.

Ro-Ro (Roll-on Roll-off)

Ro-Ro transport method is used when boats are rolled while on their trailers on and off the ship. If a boat doesn’t have a trailer, custom made shipping cradle is built. Boat is then cleaned, fumigated and Shrink wrapped to protect boat and its contents in transit.

Lo-Lo (Lift-on Lift-off)

Yacht transport method is used for larger power boats and yachts when boat is too large for a trailer or to fit either container or Ro-Ro feeder’s door opening. We manufacture custom made shipping cradles, boat is also cleaned, fumigated and Shrink Wrapped for protect whilst in Transit.  Boat is then delivered by land or Captained to port where it is loaded and secured on the deck of the ship using port cranes and derricks.


The team at JNS United will assist you in every step of importing your boat from the USA once you have found it.  We offer to source the right boat for you, with our experienced staff both here and in the US, we work together as a team and keep you updated on the progress of your boat every step of the way.

  • JNS United will organise;
  • Marine Surveys
  • Boat Negotiations
  • All Documentation for importing your boat
  • Cleaning & Fumingation
  • Ground Transport from location of boat to Pack down facility
  • International Shipping
  • Marine Insurance &
  • Final Delivery of boat to your door or destination of your choice.